Frequently Asked Questions

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Is there somewhere I can see your products?

Yes, you can view our SustainaPod Range at one of our authorised retailers. If you’re looking for a particular product model, please call your nearest retailer to confirm availability.
All of our authorised SustainaPod Outdoor Kitchen retailers are also Weber Specialist Dealers or Weber Stores.
Barbecues and appliances are sold separately.

I purchased an inbuilt barbecue that is not a Weber Built In. Can I use another brand barbecue in your outdoor kitchen?

Contact us for a custom design consultation for any brand barbecue. Our pre-designed All-Weather and LITE Series SustainaPod Outdoor Kitchens are designed specifically for the Weber Range of Built In barbecues*. All models comply with Australian Standards for gas installation**.

* Weber Family Q Built In (Q3600AU), Weber Summit Built In E-460, Weber Summit Built In E-660

** AS/NZS 5601.1 Barbecues in a residential premises and cylinders in an enclosure or recess

I have my own stone. Can I buy the pods without the benchtop?

We manufacture SustainaPods as complete units, including the natural granite benchtop (SustainaPod All-Weather Series) and acrylic benchtop (SustainaPod LITE Series), which is of superior quality for alfresco use. We recommend this material over others as it weathers well and is also hardy for general use i.e. resistant to scratches and marks. We seal the granite with a Lithofin sealer prior to it leaving the factory. The sealer has a 20-year warranty. The benchtop does not come attached, so you could put your own benchtop on your SustainaPod, however we would still ship the benchtop and the price would remain the same.

My SustainaPod will be free-standing. Is there a back on the models?

The SustainaPod All-Weather Series  is designed to sit against a back wall and, whilst constructed from water-resistant material, they are not ‘pretty’ at the back. If the back is exposed, we recommend a custom-order back panel in matching Exterior Grade Decorative Board. Visit your nearest retailer to obtain a quote. The LITE Series is not customisable.

What is the difference between your All-Weather Series and LITE Series?

The LITE Series is more compact and ideal for customers tight on space or budget. Our All-Weather Series is fully customisable, has available upgrades and can be placed wherever you like. Click here to view our Comparison Guide for full details on the two Series.


How weather proof is my outdoor kitchen?

SustainaPod All-Weather Series: The SustainaPod All-Weather Series cabinets are constructed entirely from exterior grade board manufactured under high pressure and temperature. A UV resistant coating is integrated in into the laminate. No lacquering or protectants are required for upkeep. It is tested to withstand sun, heat, rain and wind. As with most surfaces exposed to outdoor conditions, some change in colour and appearance of the surfaces will occur after prolonged exposure (including sunlight, heat and moisture). Prolonged or sudden extreme temperature changes to the 20mm natural granite stone benchtop can create thermal shock cracks. We suggest covering your outdoor kitchen when not in use for prolonged periods. Refer to the SustainaPod Outdoor Kitchen Care & Cleaning Guide and Warranty, supplied with your product packaging, for more detail.


SustainaPod LITE Series: The SustainaPod LITE Series cabinets are hand-crafted using 12mm 100% recycled plastic board – high density polyethylene (HDPE). The plastic surface is water and mould resistant and UV stabilised to produce long-lasting mechanical strength and colour consistency in many external and internal applications. The benchtops are made of a Laminex® acrylic surface, which is a durable resin material offering a satin finish. The LITE Series is weather resistant and professionally designed as a freestanding barbecue cabinet and must be 30mm minimum off any back wall, as well as located undercover or in a low-UV environment.

How do I clean my outdoor kitchen?

In general, your SustainaPod Outdoor Kitchen cabinetry can be cleaned using household cleaners, water or soap are highly recommended. Do not use abrasive or polishing materials. The surfaces can be easily cleaned with a dry or damp cloth and, if necessary, a mild household cleaner. Wipe damp surfaces with an absorbent cloth. High pressure water cleaning or steam cleaning of panels is not recommended.

SustainaPod All-Weather Series Only: The visual appearance of the exposed black core may be refreshed as necessary by sanding and finishing with Tung or Linseed oil.

Refer to the SustainaPod Outdoor Kitchen Care & Cleaning Guide, supplied with your product packaging, for more detail.

How do I care for my granite benchtop?

Your All-Weather SustainaPod Outdoor Kitchen comes complete with a 20mm natural granite benchtop. Because this is a natural material, there are a few common queries that arise.

How do I clean my benchtop?

Your SustainaPod Outdoor Kitchen benchtop arrives pre-treated and protected by Lithofin MN Stain-Stop, which includes a 20-year written warranty stating that the surface will remain water repellent and resistant to staining against normal, non-acidic household substances. The natural granite surface must be maintained according to the Lithofin cleaning and maintenance system. Lithofin Warranty details are included with product packaging.

Is my benchtop heatproof?

Whilst natural granite is extremely durable and resilient to heat, quick differences in temperature can cause problems.  For example, if the granite is sitting in the sun in summertime and is hot and you hose it down with cold water to cool it, shock can occur, and the benchtop may crack.

Protective trivets and heat pads should always be used underneath cookware such as skillets, saucepans, pots or dishes when removing hot items directly from any heat source (barbecue, cooktop) and placing onto the granite surface. We suggest covering your outdoor kitchen benchtop when not in use. Prolonged or sudden extreme temperature changes can create thermal shock cracks which are excluded from the warranty.

Can I cut directly on my granite benchtop?

The use of cutting boards and taking care not to drop or move heavy objects on the surface will help to ensure the long-lasting beauty of the granite. The resilient surface has been designed to withstand normal daily use. Whilst it is resistant to scratches, cuts and chipping, do not cut directly on the surface. Scratches and chips to the edge or primary surface may not be protected under warranty.

Help! I think my granite is cracked!

We often have customers tell us that their granite benchtop is cracked, however most of the time it is actually a naturally occurring fissure in the stone.

A fissure is defined in the granite industry as a “visible separation along intercrystalline boundaries or the voids between mineral crystals” and occurs through repeated heating and cooling during the stone’s formation.

A crack is a separation in the slab that occurs through man-made stresses such as transport, handling or installation.

You can tell the difference between the two through observation and touch. Fissures are long, hairline openings around the crystals in the stone. They can be deep within the stone or appear on the polished surface of a slab. Cracks are often wider and can include chipping, separation, or breakage around the area. When you run your fingernail over a fissure it will run smoothly across the gap, however, when you do the same thing over a crack, your fingernail will catch on the edge. This is because a crack changes the plane of the stone – one side is often higher than the other – whereas a fissure does not. Check the reflection of the gap. If you see one point of reflection, you have a fissure. If you see two points of reflection, it may be a crack because of the higher edge.

Whilst fissures can appear in any granite, our Colonial White colour is more likely to include fissures throughout the slab because it contains large crystals.

A fissure in your benchtop does not affect the structural integrity of the benchtop and, as such, is not covered under VerdeLife’s warranty.


How do I install my outdoor kitchen?

SustainaPod Outdoor Kitchens are factory built modules delivered pre-assembled. Designed for easy stress-free installation – pre-drilled with just a few steps needed for installation.
Refer to the SustainaPod Outdoor Kitchen Assembly Instructions, supplied with your product packaging, for more detail.

How do I install my Weber Built In barbecue into my outdoor kitchen?

The Built In range of SustainaPod Outdoor Kitchens are professionally designed for your Weber Built In barbecue* to fit right in.
Refer to the appliance manufacturer’s barbecue installation guide for more detail.

* Weber Family Q Built In (Q3600AU), Weber Summit Built In E-460, Weber Summit Built In E-660

Do you offer an installation service?

Yes! We offer installation in select areas. Contact us to confirm availability and pricing.

Do you offer installation for the LITE Series?

Because the new SustainaPod LITE Series is so light and simple to assemble, we are not offering our installation service for SustainaPod LITE models. Both the Neo and Sienna are one-pod units that simply need to be levelled and benchtop assembled. The Terra can be easily handled by one person in under an hour. With our updated Assembly Instructions, you will have no problem buying a SustainaPod LITE model at lunchtime and barbecuing by dinner.


What materials are used in the LITE models?

The SustainaPod LITE Series is hand-crafted from UV stabilised 100% recycled (and 100% recyclable) board and durable Laminex® acrylic benchtops. It is weather resistant and professionally designed as a freestanding barbecue cabinet and must be 30mm minimum off any back wall, as well as located undercover or in a low-UV environment.

Can I place my Neo/Sienna/Terra out in the weather?

If you are after a fully exposed alfresco kitchen solution, we recommend our All-Weather Series as it is made from durable and weather-resistant materials. The LITE Series is designed to be undercover or in a low-UV environment.

I really want a set of drawers in my Terra model. Can I do this?

We would recommend looking at our All-Weather Series if you would like to include upgrades as the LITE Series is manufactured in convenient pre-designed sizes and is not customisable. The All-Weather Series offers a 3-drawer, bin drawer, sink/tap and splashback upgrade options, as well as the ability to add additional pods.

What barbecues can be used with the LITE Series?

The LITE Series is a perfect solution for customers looking to enter the outdoor kitchen market with a Weber Sit On, Weber Pulse or Weber Family Q3600 Built in barbecue. We’ve worked hard to ensure the entire SustainaPod Range complies with Australian Standards for gas installation in residential premises and cylinders in an enclosure or recess.